Good Design Matters

Good Design Matters


Room design, window heights, door swings, etc., etc., etc.  Many home designers & builders don't consider the details.  

We do! 

Good homes have a "feel."


Any builder can put up walls and lay flooring.  What we do is different.  We build homes that follow a particular theme or adhere to a recognized design concept.  Whether we are building a modern or neo-classical home, we design homes that are fun, inviting, comfortable and interesting.

Experience matters.


Meet Steve Griffith, our head home designer & building consultant.  Steve has been building houses for 58 years, having started carrying hod for his uncles' construction company, when Steve was just 14.  Steve has designed & built 10,000's of apartments, condominiums and single-family homes.

Details are important.


We spend alot of time on the details, because we love designing homes.   But, also, because the details are important.  It's the attention to details that sets us apart from other home design and construction companies.

Experiments sometimes fail.


We see alot of really bad home designs in Indianapolis.  Some builders use unusual building materials or design features, in an effort to be unique or special.  "Avant-guarde!"  Those are mistakes.  A house should not be like a necktie- a home shouldn't fall out of fashion!

We think the better approach is to use classy, time-tested design concepts, whether that be in a neo-classical or modern home design.  Our clients will be proud to own our homes decades from now.

Our construction methods set us apart.


We have more than 75-combined years' experience in home design and construction with experience in remodeling, new home construction & building component manufacturing.  You won't see bulkheads and retrofitted chases in our homes.  We use web trusses, glass block windows and other quality components to build solid homes that will last.